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How To Raise Serotonin Levels With Supplements

By Richard Collier August 22, 2021

Why Serotonin Supplements are Important

Serotonin is a chemical that helps regulate mood and sleep-wake cycles. It is one of the key neurotransmitters in the brain that helps control how we feel. Serotonin supplements are commonly used to promote healthy moods, manage anxiety, and promote a restful night's sleep.

Serotonin supplements can be useful for anyone who feels as if they have a deficiency of serotonin in their body. Some people use it as an alternative treatment for depression, others take it when they experience irritability.

A lack of serotonin can lead to symptoms such as

  • weight gain
  • fatigue
  • low libido or migraines

The Importance of Dosage " Know Yours and Stick To It "

Dosage is one of the most important aspects of taking any medication or supplement. It refers to the amount or frequency at which a person takes a medication or supplement. Dosage can be impacted by factors like

  • body size,
  • age,
  • Health Condition
  • Gender


What is the Dosage for a Mood Support Supplement?

Mood support supplements are sold as a way to help individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety. There is no standard dosage for these supplements, and it largely depends on an individual’s age or weight, their severity of symptoms, the diagnosis they have been given by a doctor, and what other medications they are taking.

Doctors generally recommend that someone under the age of 18 take no more than half the dose recommended for adults. If they have been diagnosed with ADHD or bipolar disorder, then they can take a lower dose too.

A common mistake people make is not consulting a doctor before taking mood support supplements and not following the dosage recommendations on the label carefully.

What is the Dosage for a Mood Support Supplement

What Supplements are Good for Increasing Serotonin?

Vast vitamins Serotonin Booster With 5 HTP and Calcium Our Serotonin Booster Capsules are made with 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) which is a plant-derived amino acid, known for its ability to enable the body’s synthesis of serotonin.

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes feelings of

  • Well-being,
  • Happiness, and
  • Overall mood.

If you want to maintain a calm and relaxed mood, our Serotonin Booster could be perfect for you.

Its beneficial ingredients could help you improve your

  • Sleep quality,
  • Reduce stress,
  • Maintain a positive view of life*.

With 328mg of Calcium per serving, you could significantly improve your sleeping patterns and wake up feeling rested and refreshed*. Enjoy calm and peace in your everyday life with our Serotonin Booster Capsules.

Benefits of Taking Serotonin Supplements Daily

Can You Improve Your Mood With Serotonin Supplements?

The purpose of this section is to address the benefits of taking serotonin supplements daily. Low levels of serotonin can result in feelings of

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness


    Taking serotonin supplements daily can improve moods by boosting serotonin levels back to normal levels. Taking these supplements can also help in battling symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

    Conclusion: Why You Need a Supplement with 5-HTP And Calcium to Optimize Your Serotonin Levels

    There are many reasons why you may want to increase your serotonin levels in order to feel happier and healthier. One of them is that if you're feeling down, it's likely because your serotonin levels are low.

    Serotonin, is an important component for the body to be at its best. Calcium and 5-HTP work together as a supplement to keep a person happy and healthy.

    Try our Serotonin Booster With 5 HTP and Calcium Today. To simplify your Mood Regulation.


    What is 5-HTP?

    5-HTP is an endogenous amino acid used to increase serotonin levels. 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is converted directly into serotonin provided the right cofactors are present.

    What is L-tryptophan?

    L-tryptophan, shortened to tryptophan, is a precursor to serotonin production. Tryptophan is an amino acid commonly found in protein-rich foods like animal products.

    What are the ingredients for serotonin supplements?

    Some of the most widely used supplements for increasing serotonin are amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

    (Vast vitmains) Our Serotonin Booster Capsules are made with 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) which is a plant-derived amino acid, known for its ability to enable the body’s synthesis of serotonin.

    What are the benefits of serotonin supplements?

    Specific amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and herbs effectively raise serotonin levels, helping to reduce depression and other mental health disorders.

    What are Serotonin Supplements?

    Serotonin-boosting supplements are an effective, non-drug option for increasing serotonin, a major neurotransmitter largely responsible for a positive mood.

    What are the effects of low serotonin levels?

    Low serotonin levels can lead to sour moods, restless nights, impulsive thoughts, and reduced appetite, all of which can lower a person's quality of life.

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